Hotels with 2 Queen Beds in Waterville

Choose a comfortable, sparkling clean room featuring two queen-size beds and all the amenities modern travelers expect. We also offer pet-friendly double queen rooms at The Elmwood.

Family-Friendly Hotel Rooms

The double queen rooms at The Elmwood are the perfect choice for families seeking a comfortable and inviting stay. With two spacious queen beds, there's ample room for everyone to rest and recharge after a day of exploring Waterville, Maine. The family-friendly layout ensures that parents and kids alike can enjoy their own space while staying connected. Make cherished memories together in a room designed with your family's comfort in mind at The Elmwood.

Featured Amenities

• Two queen beds
• HD flat screen television
• Business-class internet
• Mini refrigerator & microwave
• Desk
• Individual-use personal care products
• Bathroom with tiled shower & glass door

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